Cookie Policy

This is our policy for the use of cookies on DanceCloud services. If you don't know what a cookie is, the policy explains the technologies used.

Last Updated: Friday 25 May 2018

About DanceCloud

DanceCloud is an event ticketing and management service – owned and operated by Cloud Creativity Limited (‘we’, ‘us’ and/or ‘our’). DanceCloud (the ‘Service’) allows dance organisers to plan and manage dance events, and sell tickets for these events. Our aim is simple: make organising dance events easy, so you have more time to teach and more time to dance.

Our Service is delivered through web applications hosted on the domain and its sub-domains.

Our Cookie Policy

This cookie policy sets forth our policy with respect to information that is collected from Users and Visitors of our Service. This cookie policy describes the collection of information and the use of this information. It will be updated if our collection of information or its use changes as a result of the Service’s continued development.


By using the Service, you agree to the use of the technologies described in this Cookie Policy and to the storage of information on your device or web browser as described herein.

What Technologies Are Used?

Our Service uses the following technologies, which are covered by this Cookie Policy:

  1. Cookies: these are small pieces of data sent from a web server and stored in a user’s internet browser. They can either be ‘session’ cookies (which last while a users browser remains open) or ‘persistent’ cookies (which lasts beyond the user closing their browser). A user can change how their browser handles cookies through their web browser’s settings.
  2. Web Storage: Also known as HTML5 Local Storage, this is an industry standard data storage technology implemented by web browsers. A user can change how their browser handles web storage through their web browser’s settings.

How Does Our Service Use These Technologies?

We only use these technologies for the following reasons:

  1. Essential: Certain parts of our service can only operate with the use of these technologies. For example, we use these technologies in the user login process so that we know which user has signed into our Service on a particular web browser.
  2. Performance/Analytics: We will use these technologies to analyse how our Service is used, with the aim of improving the Service.

Use of These Technologies by Third Parties

We set the majority of cookies and other technologies used in our Services. Cookies may also be set by third-party services that are integrated into our Service, for the reasons outlined above. For example, we use Stripe for credit card payments, and Google Analytics for analysing use of our services.