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Event ticketing – built by dancers, for dance events

Our ticketing is built specifically for dance events, giving you more customers with less administrative work. Easily create events within minutes:

  • Create Your Event Schedule Create lessons, streams (tracks) or social dances – or a mixture of these activities within one event.
  • Capacity Management Capacity management by activity – means a daytime workshop can have 50 places while your evening social dance can admit 300.
  • Lead / Follow Registration Lead/follow registrations when you need them, optionally with "switch" roles if needed. Or use partnered-only sign ups to ensure dancers always register with a partner.
  • Choose Your Ticket Types Ticket types that match how you ticket your events: whole event entry, lessons-only entry and social passes – or just create any combination you need.
  • Pricing Plans Create discounted prices for partnered tickets and early-bird registrations.

Fully automate your lead/follow wait-list

Hassle-free balancing of lead and follow registrations. Set a desired ratio of roles on each lesson or social dance and let DanceCloud take care of the rest.

  • 1

    Follow ticket is sold

    If follows hit the ratio first, they join the wait-list instead of receiving tickets.
  • 2

    Check wait-list status

    Wait-list status indicators show why they have been wait-listed and their position in the queue.
  • 3

    Lead ticket is sold

    Tickets automatically released to the next follow on the wait-list within seconds of a lead sale.
  • Works for whichever role has sold the most tickets: lead or follow.
  • Dancers can check the status of their registration any time within their DanceCloud account.

Smooth payments with Stripe

We've integrated Stripe into DanceCloud, allowing you to securely accept debit and credit card payments for tickets at incredibly competitive rates. Customers stay within your DanceCloud ticket office to make payments, increasing your conversion rate (successful sales). No invoicing for fees: that is way too much hassle.

Get your money, quickly.

At DanceCloud we believe in getting your money to you as quickly as possible – because it is your revenue, not ours.

We’ve chosen Stripe so that transfers arrive in your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis. Payments made on a Monday arrive in your bank account the following Monday. All fees are deducted before the amount is transferred, meaning there is no overhead of dealing with invoices from Stripe or us.

Low ticketing fees

When you sell tickets on DanceCloud, you can pass the ticketing fee on to customers or absorb the cost yourself.

2.5% + 50p per ticket sold

Ticketing (DanceCloud) Fee

That’s just £1 for a £20 ticket. We never charge more than £5 per ticket. Plus we discount the fee on partnered tickets, to encourage a better balance.
1.4% + 20p per payment

Payment Processing (Stripe) Fee

See Stripe for pricing. The fee is charged on a single payment, which can include multiple tickets.
This fee cannot be passed on to customers.
  • We never charge fees on free tickets. Free tickets are always free.

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